• Contracts and agreements (drafting, comments, assessment, legal analyses)
  • Representation in court
  • Inheritance and succession law
  • Real estate property and authorization of contracts on the transfer of real estate property
  • Co-ownership (settlement of shared and joint co-ownerships)
  • Employment relationship and labour law
  • Family law
  • Enforcement and enforcement law
  • Recovery of claims
  • Personal bankruptcy, bankruptcy, debt relief
  • Representation before state authorities



Civil law


  • comprehensive and full legal advisory service in all areas of Civil Law (Sale and Purchase Contracts, Charity Agreement, Deposit Agreements, Lease Agreements, work orders, Agreement of settlement of assets following the dissolution of marriage, Loan Agreement, etc.)
  • debt collection
  • representation in all types of the proceedings
  • drafting of the all types of court application, petitions, opinions, appeals, etc.
  • drafting, preparing and reviewing of all types of Contracts or Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Mandates, ect.



Debt collection


Our Advocate office shall provide you with legal services in the complex area of the debt collection and all its aspects - as the part of the services we shall carry out:



  • preparation of a detailed description of the debt collection process that is most suitable for your particular set of circumstances in order to maximise the amount of debt you recover in the shortest period of time
  • out of court debt collection – collectively, sending out notices to pay, pre court notices - preparation of agreements for the acceptance of the debt, providing support in person for negotiations with debtors with an emphasis on acting in the interest of the client in collecting the debt in the most effective way and in the shortest period of time
  • court debt collection – preparation of the application to court for debt collection, application for an Order to pay, client representation at court
  • management of the execution procedure in the most effective way in co-operation and collaboration of the Executive Officers
  • revision of Client templates contracts with a advice on required improvements in order to improve the protection of the clients against problems with bad debt and/or with an aim of achieving better enforcement of the Client‘s rights, thereby improving the client’s protection


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Professional Codes of Practice:

The relevant professional regulations for attorneys are the Act No. 586/2003 Coll. dated December 4, 2003 on the Legal Profession, as amended, Rules of Professional Conduct and other internal rules and regulations issued by the Slovak Bar Association.


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