We are members of HR Lawyers Network; an international network of legal offices set up to support your legal needs in different European countries in the area of labour laws and the related rights and obligations of employees and employers.


Our Law Office works in partnership with with a growing number of foreign lawyers who specialize in providing comprehensive legal services for employers in all aspects of labour law, including litigation and dispute resolution.


Our Hungarian partner is Mrs. Dr. Ildikó Rátkai who provides Hungarian employers with a comprehensive legal service in labour law and social security law from the boutique Ratkai Law Firm.


Our partner in Poland is CGS Law firm providing complex legal advisory for entities established in Poland.



hr lawyers network



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Inovecká 8 | 915 01 Nové Mesto nad Váhom | Slovak Republic


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 hr lawyers network

Professional Codes of Practice:

The relevant professional regulations for attorneys are the Act No. 586/2003 Coll. dated December 4, 2003 on the Legal Profession, as amended, Rules of Professional Conduct and other internal rules and regulations issued by the Slovak Bar Association.


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